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Who am I?

Today, I am going to tell you about me. I am a child of the King. But I haven't always been. Also being a child of the King doesn't mean that I don't get broken, that I don't make mistakes because believe me, I make them everyday. I am not perfect. But because I am a child of the King, I don't have to stay in my brokenness. He helps me. He picks up the pieces and places them back to where they belong. Jesus told me in Matthew "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Yes there is a second to that verse but when I was starting out that first part helped me so much. I have learned that no matter what I can call on the Lord and he will help. Sometimes his help doesn't look like what I thought it should but it has always turned out so much better. I also want to take the time to tell you what I believe. I believe in God. I believe that he created everything. I believe he sent his son to this earth to experience a life like humans and that he gave his life on a cross for me. I believe that Jesus died and rose from the grave and lives today. I believe that the Holy Spirit was sent to be here to help us. I believe that if we read the Bible, and when I say read, I mean study and pray. I believe that we are to work out that scripture in every part of our life. No matter what area the bible has the answer. I believe that Jesus is still fighting for us. And at the end of my life I want to hear "Welcome home good and faithful servant." I also believe that being a Christ follower is one of the hardest things to do. Because doing what Christ said and did, it is HARD!!! I have to die to myself daily and to be quite honest sometimes minute by minute. I am a wife, a mama, I have a job. And I will say this- As for me and my house- we will serve the Lord. I walk with Christ and if that offends, I will not apologize. I also believe that if it is against Christ, then I am against it. I will not be ugly, I will not be nasty. But I will hold to the truth that is found only in Christ Jesus. Send me note on what you believe. If you are Christ follower, then get up, get out and see what mission Christ has you on. He can use you right where you are planted. Have a blessed day!

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