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What is the answer?

Good morning brothers and sisters. I sit here today trying to understand. I don't always understand what I am being told to do. And if you want to know something about me, I want to know it all right now. But we both know that is not how God works. He gives us what we can handle and then as we move in His obedience, He gives us more. That is faith. But I sometimes have a hard time with it. Sometimes I have a hard time knowing what is God telling me to do. Is it because I know what God is telling me and I am afraid? Is it because I truly do not see the direction in which He wants me to go? Am I doing all that I need to do? But do you notice all those questions, they are about what I am supposed to be doing. They are about me. And this journey is not about me. It is funny as I sit here and write this, God points out things that needs to be taken care of. See people looking from the outside in, think I have it all together. I struggle just like everyone else. I didn't want to write this but I was urged to let people see me. As I sit here and pray and study, I am looking for the answer to my questions. And I do know that God will provide them. The one thing is when God is ready to reveal it all to me, I am ready to receive it. But as of this writing, I am sitting and meditating on God and the here and now. Have a blessed day! Rise up child of God, rise up!

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