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What happened during the 3 days?

I have always thought about what happened during the 3 days that Jesus was in the tomb. And after much studying and reading, does it matter? Some say He went to hell and they will point to Scripture to back it up. Others will say that He went to heaven and they will point to Scripture to back it up. But as I sat this morning pondering that question, and yes, it is after I watched Passion of the Christ, the Holy Spirit said "I want you to actually think about those last hours Jesus, your Savior, hung on that cross. So I went back and reread all the accounts of those who wrote about His crucifixion. And then it hit me. This is what I should be focusing on. Down below were the non-believers mocking Him and calling Him names. The soldiers were casting lots for His clothes. Two condemned men hung beside Him. The believers were weeping because their hearts were completely broken. The leaders of the church mocked Him. They hung a sign above His head. Now here is what we truly need to focus on. As they were crucified Jesus, He asks the Father to forgive the people because they did not know what they were doing. And they didn't truly know who they were doing it to. He is begging for our souls while He is beaten, mocked and His physical body is dying. Then one of the condemned men mocks Him and the other rebukes. And while still hanging on the cross, He tells the one that he will be in Paradise with Him. He is still showing the way as He is dying to save ALL souls. Then the world goes dark, and the veil is torn and then Jesus gives His spirit back to the Father and it is finished. This is what we should be focusing on what happened those last few hours of His death. He was still asking the Father to forgive, He was still saving souls. So today, I am not worried about what He did those 3 days in the tomb but I am going to be forgiving and still showing people how to save their souls. Have a blessed day and remember Sunday is almost here. Rise up children of God, let not His death be in vain.

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