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Good Morning all. This morning as I got up the word vengeance was on my mind. It kind of threw me for a loop because I didn't feel like I was after anybody that had wronged me. First, that is not who I am by nature but it was there. So I got up and made my coffee and decided to look at this word. Here is what the dictionary says vengeance means: 1. infliction of injury, harm, humiliation, or the like, on a person by another who has been harmed by that person; violent revenge; 2. an act or opportunity of inflicting such trouble; 3. the desire for revenge. I mean I new what vengeance was but to go and look at the definition was a little different. And so I asked God, who do I want to take vengeance on? Lord, I can think of no one that would make me feel this way. But the response that I got was definitely not what I expected. The very first scripture that I turned to was Deuteronomy 32:28 "For they are a nation VOID of counsel, nor is there any understanding in them." I have to confess, I said Lord, I do not understand. Then I looked at Deuteronomy 32:35- "Vengeance is Mine, and recompense; their foot shall slip in due time; for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things to come hasten upon them." Then it hit me like a freight train rolling down the tracks. We are not suppose to be fighting the battle against flesh and bones. Yes, people do evil things but we are suppose to be fighting the spiritual battle. The Lord will take care of taking down those that want to do evil. He will expose them. Our job is to build the foundation of Jesus Christ, first in us and then to the world. We are too busy looking at what is going on the world and worrying instead of doing the job that God has called us to do. We still look to a man to save us instead of looking to the Lord. Then I turned to Isaiah 35:4- "Say to those who are fearful-hearted, be strong, do not fear! Behold, your God will come with vengeance, with the recompense of God; He will come and save you." And just a side note, recompense means to repay, reward, restore. So I say do not fear, God has got this whole world in His hands. We need to stop looking at mankind to fix this world and fix our eyes on Jesus. This is all going according to plan. If you are bashing a person and not standing on God's foundational promises then you are part of the problem. We have to now take a stand on God's laws and not compromise. We need to be showing the world who Jesus is and those that are searching will find, but we have to be the light. Stop complaining and start doing. And my last scripture was Hebrews 10:30-31; "For we know Him who said, Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, says the Lord. And again, The Lord will judge His people. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." If you are on the right side of Jesus then this last part is amazing but if you fall on the wrong side of Jesus then this should down right scare the pants off of you. Guys, hit our knees, through off the traditions that we have always been taught, open our Jesus eyes and read His word and let's come together and fight the good fight, not against man but against the spiritual realm that is wreaking our world. Have a blessed day and rise up children of God. If none of this makes any sense to you, send me a message and all that are here will help. God wants no one left behind.

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