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Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you today to gain knowledge, wisdom and understanding as to what you have for each of us in our personal daily walks with you. To know what you are calling each of us to be. We thank you for everyone that is wanting to become more of you and less of the the world. Teach us how to be united in you and you alone. In your Son's Holy Name, Amen. We are all called to do something for the kingdom of Christ. God the Father sent the Holy Spirit (as I like to call it that wee small voice) to help us and He can live in each of us. He called everyone. He takes the weak to shame the strong. He makes the insignificant and makes them so significant. No matter where you are and no matter what you have done, Christ is there and can use you. He says in these verses that He equips us with the gifts for building the body. Just like you eat healthy and work out to keep your physical body strong, so does Jesus feed us to keep the spiritual body strong. He does this so we won't be tossed by what this old world has to throw at us. And believe me, this old world can throw some pretty strong stuff at Christians. The closer you are to Christ, the more it throws stuff at you. Satan does not want you to become close to Christ. Christ feeds us so we can become mature adults in him not following the latest fads. My brothers and sisters, we need to take a stand if we don't then we will just be floating along and being tossed every which way and never have that pure joy. Grab your Bible, hit your knees and pray. Have a blessed day.

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