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Remembering History

Good Morning. It has been awhile since I posted on here. It looks like we are down to the wire in this turbulent world we live in. But God has brought something forth. We all got upset when they at the beginning of this started to tear down our statues because of history. But I have come to realize that God also tears down if we don't remember history. I think today's Christian has forgotten about the Old Testament of the Bible. I don't see much on it. But if we are to make it to heaven, then I suggest we get into that history. First I want to go to the Ezekiel 33. Here God is calling people to be watchmen. We are all sort of watchmen if we live Jesus Christ. We are to do what He has called us to do even when it goes against the popular choice. Even if we lose family and friends, we as Christians have to stop changing God's Word as to not to offend anyone. We must live in the Holy Spirit to know when to speak, how to speak and what to speak otherwise you are going to push people further away from Jesus Christ. So if you are new to my blog, the letters in all caps are the words from the Bible. Here we go. "AGAIN THE WORD OF THE LORD CAME TO ME, SAYING SON OF MAN SPEAK TO THE CHILDREN OF YOUR PEOPLE AND SAY TO THEM:WHEN I BRING A SWORD UPON THE LAND, AND THE PEOPLE OF THE LAND TAKE A MAN FROM THEIR TERRITROY MAKE HIM THEIR WATCHMAN." Ok God doesn't mean a visual sword but He could but He actually means when He brings disaster to the land and to the people, you need a watchman. Watchmen are the leaders of the church. And again when I say leaders, I mean your pastors, teachers, deacons, anyone who is the leadership role. And you that are seasoned Christians, this is you also. If you study God's Word, if you live God's Word then you are a watchman. Back to the word. "WHEN HE SEES THE SWORD COMING UPON THE LAND, IF HE BLOWS THE TRUMPET AND WARNS THE PEOPLE, THEN WHOEVER HEARS THE SOUND OF THE TRUMPET AND DOES NOT TAKE WARNING, IF THE SWORD COMES AND TAKES HIM AWAY, HIS BLOOD SHALL BE ON HIS OWN HEAD. HE HEARD THE SOUND OF THE TRUMPET, BUT DID NOT TAKE WARNING, HIS BLOOD SHALL BE UPON HIMSELF. BUT HE WHO TAKES WARNING WILL SAVE HIS LIVE. Hey leaders, you must sound the trumpet. You are to pastor your flock in God's Word, not what the religion has taught you but what God has. If you teach God's whole word , then if they turn from Jesus then you have done your job and they chose not to listen but..."BUT IF THE WATCHMAN SEES THE SWORD COMING AND DOES NOT BLOW THE TRUMPET, AND THE PEOPLE ARE NOT WARNED, AND THE SWORD COMES AND TAKES ANY PERSON FROM AMONG THEM, HE IS TAKEN AWAY IN HIS INIQUITY BUT HIS BLOOD I WILL REQUIRE AT THE WATCHMAN'S HAND." Ok once again if we are not teaching God's Word and they die because we failed to do our job then God will require his blood of you because you knew the way to save the soul but you did nothing. So are you being the watchman that God has called you to be? But let's move on. God here has called us and He also sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to take the punishment that we so deserved and yet we still do not sound the alarm. We seem to think that since Jesus came the Old Testament is gone but that is not true just some of the laws that were required of them but not the whole Testament. So now turn to Jeremiah 11:11. We cry out for God to intervene but we forget one part of that crying out HUMBLE YOURSELVES AND PRAY! We don't care for that so much. But in Jeremiah, God tells what will happen if we continue down the path of not humbling ourselves and turning back to God. Well, I am going back to verse 10. "THEY HAVE TURNED BACK TO THE INIQUITIES OF THE FOREFATHERS WHO REFUSED TO HEAR MY WORDS, AND THEY HAVE GONE AFTER OTHER gods TO SERVE THEM; THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL AND THE HOUSE OF JUDAH HAVE BROKEN MY COVENANT WHICH I MADE WITH THEIR FATHERS. THEREFORE THUS SAYS THE LORD: BEHILD, I WILL SURELY BRING CALAMITY ON THEM WHICH THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ESCAPE; AND THOUGH THEY CRY OUT TO ME, I WILL NOT LISTEN TO THEM." Pretty scary huh? Let's commit to getting into God's Word daily, not just reading it but studying it. The Word of God has the most amazing way to live life. Start small, simply ask God to reveal His Word to you and then little by little you will understand God's way. Look for true believers of Christ, not those that just play believers on Sundays but those who live for Christ and start on the right side of the war that is coming. Have a blessed day! Rise up!

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