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One body

Let's start out with a prayer, "Dear Gracious Heavenly Father, everyone reading this is searching for you, growing closer to you. We ask for healing, understanding and knowledge. You tell us when we ask, you give; when we seek, we find you; and when we knock, you will open the door. Let everyone engage in You, Jesus. In your Holy Name, Amen." So let's dig in. The very first thing it says is we are a prisoner of Christ. Today we look at a prisoner as a bad thing. But let's look at it another way. Let's look at it as a slave to Christ. A slave does what the master tells him. So we are to do what Christ tells us. He tells us to walk in a manner worthy of the calling. That is to walk in the way Christ did. We first have to be humble. And to be humble we have to put others before us. Not let them trample us but needs before us. Don't put yourself above anyone else. We are to be gentle. To be gentle is like disciplining a child. We show them the right way without putting them down. We tell them that whatever their doing is not right but we love them also. This is the same with Christ. We have one Spirit and that is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit lives in all of us. It is but one spirit. We have to have one mind. Yes each scripture will mean something different to each of us at one point but the context is still the same. Let's use my favorite verse for example- Jeremiah 29:11. When I was at a low place in my life, some one gave me this scripture. And it gave me hope. Someone else can look at it and it will give them a brighter future. Just know we are of one mind, one body and one spirit. We can all go to different churches but still be of one. We need to put God first, live in the Holy Spirit and come together and not apart. Leave a like, leave a comment, leave a question. Let's study and grow closer to Jesus today. I love whoever is reading this and praying for you.

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