Look at the treasure

If we treasure God's word and if we follow his commands look at what we get in return. " For the Lord gives wisdom; from HIS mouth come knowledge and understanding; he stores up sound wisdom for the upright; he is a shield to those who walk in integrity, guarding the paths of justice and watching over the way of his saints. Then you will understand righteousness and justice and equity, every good path; for wisdom will come into your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul; discretion will watch over you, understanding will guard you, delivering you from the way of evil, from men of perverted speech, who forsake the paths of uprightness to walk in the ways of darkness, who rejoice in doing evil and delight in the perverseness of evil, men whose paths are crooked, and who are devious in their ways." Proverbs 2:6-15. Right at the beginning it says that wisdom and knowledge comes from God's mouth. But we also have to do the if's. Don't you think that we would have less heartache if we would just listen to Jesus and follow the commands that he sent forth. I know we would still have heartache but the heartache would be less significant if we were all following Jesus. Just look he stores up sound wisdom. He is a shield, he guards your path and he is watching over us. Wow and all we have to do is follow him. I don't about you but I want the King of World helping me. If I could do this then so much would not get to my heart. Today is the day that Christians alike should be standing united. It says that knowledge would be pleasant to the soul. If we do what God is calling each and every person to do then discretion watches over us, understanding will guard us and will deliver us from evil. So today search for wisdom and knowledge through Jesus Christ our mediator and see what you can find. Before you utter a word, before you type out that sentence, put through Jesus first and see if that is what he wants to be said and done. Have a blessed day and talk to you tomorrow.

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