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Living by God's rules

Good Morning all. I usually don't post more than maybe twice a week but God has weighed something very heavy on my heart. I have been up since about 3am because He brought a dear friend of mine to my heart and had me get up and pray for this person. I have no idea what is going on or if anything is going on. I just know that God woke me to pray and that is what I did. I had a hard time going back to sleep so I got up and made some coffee. I got on the computer and God said to me "Trust in me alone." I wasn't so sure what that meant but I said "Okay, God I do." He said, "No you don't. You are still struggling with what I have called you to do and still letting man's words get into your heart." So, I had to hit my knees and truly give it to God because we all know He is right. I opened my Bible and when I did, I opened to Matthew 15. So what I will do is put God's Words in all caps and what God is saying to my heart normal. So here we go. Matthew 15. 1- THEN SOME PHARISEES AND TEACHERS OF THE LAW CAME TO JESUS FROM JERUSALEM AND ASKED, 2- WHY DO YOUR DISCIPLES BREAK THE TRADITIONS OF THE ELDERS? THEY DON'T WASH THEIR HANDS BEFORE THEY EAT." Ok so I have to stop right here. The Pharisees were not worried about God's laws they were worried about their traditions. Do we realize that when we follow the traditions of men that we forget God's law? Do we not realize that our traditions could be wrong and against God? All it takes is for a little lie to mix in with the truth and we start following it but it is still a lie! 3- JESUS REPLIED "AND WHY DO YOU BREAK THE COMMAND OF GOD FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR TRADITION?" Jesus puts straight in their face. I just asked those questions. How many of us don't even open up our Bibles and study, we wait until we go to church. What if your church is practicing traditions instead of God's commands? Just asking. 4- FOR GOD SAID, "HONOR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER AND ANYONE WHO CURSES THEIR FATHER OR MOTHER IS TO BE PUT TO DEATH.5- BUT YOU SAY THAT IF ANYONE DECLARES THAT WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN USED TO HELP THEIR FATHER AND MOTHER IS 'DEVOTED TO GOD' 6-THEY ARE NOT TO HONOR THEIR FATHER OR MOTHER WITH IT. THUS YOU NULLIFY THE WORD OF GOD FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR TRADITION." We have gotten so used to listening to the man at the pulpit that we have forsaken God. Now before you get all defensive and say not mine. I am not talking about all that speak from the pulpit. But note that if they put their religious traditions before God's Word then yes I am talking to that man in the pulpit. When we follow all these by laws and what our denomination tells us that we have, we must first see if it is right with God. And if we discipline someone based on our rules instead of God's commands then we might be sending that person straight in the opposite direction of which God has them going. 7-YOU HYPOCRITES! ISAIAH WAS RIGHT WHEN HE PROPHESIED ABOUT YOU: 8-THESE PEOPLE HONOR ME WITH THEIR LIPS, BUT THEIR HEARTS ARE FAR FROM ME. 9- THEY WORSHIP ME IN VAIN; THEIR TEACHINGS ARE MERELY HUMAN RULES." Something I have noticed is that almost all denominations in Christianity use the Holy Bible. But how come if we are all reading the same word why do we believe so different? Because we have taken God's word and made it to be interpreted the way we think. We all believe in the foundational principles but that is about as far as coming together as we get. No wonder the world is confused by Christianity and don't feel it's the way anymore. No wonder strip clubs are fuller than church houses. We need to get back to listening of the Holy Spirit and really speaking God's Word. Now Jesus is going to talk to the people. 10-JESUS CALLED THE CROWD TO HIM AND SAID,11- "WHAT GOES INTO SOMEONE'S MOUTH DOES NOT DEFILE HIM, BUT WHAT COMES OUT OF THEIR MOUTH,THAT IS WHAT DEFILES THEM" It is what we speak that comes from the heart and if the heart is not full of God, then the mouth and heart hurt people. So be very careful when you speak God's Word. Now we will see that someone is getting upset. 12-THEN THE DISCIPLES CAME TO HIM AND ASK, "DO YOU KNOW THAT THE PHARISEES WERE OFFENDED WHEN THEY HEARD THIS?" Now before we go any further, the next Scripture does not show Jesus backing down and apologizing. 13-HE REPLIED, "EVERY PLANT THAT MY HEAVENLY FATHER HAS NOT PLANTED WILL BE PULLED UP BY THE ROOTS. 14- LEAVE THEM, THEY ARE BLIND GUIDES; IF THE BLIND LEAD THE BLIND, BOTH WILL FALL INTO THE PIT." If God's Word is not above man's word then it will be uprooted. If the man in the pulpit is not teaching 100% God's word, then he is the blind leading the blind. That is why it is so important for the personal relationship with Jesus Christ and daily reading of God's Word. We need to know if the blind is leading the blind and to see if we are about to fall into that pit. You can go on and read the rest. But here is the plain and simple: FOLLOW GOD'S COMMANDS AND NOT MAN'S. If someone disagrees with you on Scripture don't get angry, get into the Word. Pray with this person and ask God what is meant by this Scripture and if you can't get the answer between the two of you then bring another and another until God reveals the truth in His Word. Let's not just take someone's word for it because they stand behind a pulpit. Remember they are human too and maybe they are struggling behind the scenes. Get in God's Word. Have a blessed day and rise up!

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