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Good morning brothers and sisters. As I got up this morning, God had these lyrics on my heart, "Lord, prepare ME to be a sanctuary." I just kept singing that one lyric over and over. It would not go away. I go to the kitchen and make the coffee. The coffee gets done and the power goes out. Storms are raging outside and they are loud. So I gather up the lamps and the candles to put just a little light to see by. Then a scripture came to mind. "Then Jesus spoke to them again saying, 'I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness but have the light of life." Now at that very moment in time, I could not recall where that Scripture is. I will now tell you that this specific scripture is in John. But to be quite frank, Jesus being the light is all throughout the Bible. Go, find it. Of course, I call to check on my mama. I asked her if she just got up and was she able to get her coffee before the power went out. She said no. Now, if any of you know anything about my mama, she LOVES coffee. But also knowing my mama, she says that it is alright. She will just sit in the darkness with Jesus. So we hang up and I go and check the coffee and it is still hot as it just got made. I grabbed my insulated coffee mug and fix me a cup of coffee. Then in my head, I hear, "what about mama?" I then go back to the cupboard and get mama an insulated coffee mug and pour her the rest of the coffee. I put on my boots, put on my raingear and head to my mama's with two cups of coffee and a lamp to guide my path. And yes, I did this in the storm. She says thank you and she would have waited for the lights to come on. See the need, fill the need and move on. No storm raging was going to stop me from filling the need at that moment right then. It is sometimes is as simple as that. Have a blessed day and rise up children of God, rise up!

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