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Is the Bible enough?

Good morning brothers and sisters. Now I know that my question is odd but bear with me. I was in a discussion with someone who I will refrain from naming. And there logic was Jesus didn't really exist and the Bible is written by man. Now on the first question, yes, Jesus did exist. He is not just in the Christian Bible. The Jews speak of Him but do not see Him as the Messiah. To them, He was just a great prophet. And the early writings of the Jewish nation speak of Him. Also, He is spoken of in the Muslim faith. They also contend He was a prophet but not the Messiah. Both other than the Christian Bible speak of Him as a prophet. Now in He is also in the Roman's early writings. We do not question them so why the Bible? Now on to the second question, man writing the Bible. As it is true man wrote the Bible but it is the inspired word of God. The said man wrote the Bible under God's direction. Just like He directs our life. I could have quoted scripture to this person but what would that do? Nothing, they already do not believe that Jesus was real and that the Bible is not a way of life. Scripture would not help them. Well, not at this time. We will be finishing our discussion. Now I proposed to this person, you bring me your evidence that Jesus is just the myth and the Bible is false and I will bring my evidence that both are from God and are true. Now I do want to mention, they do not deny God. So my question to you, is why the Bible and Jesus? Because both change you. Both tells you right from wrong. Now I know God does that also don't get me wrong but Jesus is our intercessor and He came to die for us. He sent the Holy Spirit to live within us. God sent Him for us. The Bible is the written word of God. So why so much to condemn them both? Because again they both show right from wrong and the world just can't have that. There is no scripture today. But think about this: how would you defend what you believe? Have a blessed day. Rise up child of God, rise up!

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