He's Alive!

For those of us that believe this is good news but for those who follow Jesus Christ, this is the best news ever. Now the prophecy has been fulfilled and all that Jesus said would happen, did happen. His followers are sad, their heartbroken. As they go and see His tomb they are going to get a surprise. When they got there, the stone was rolled away. Guys you need to understand about this stone. This stone was just mere stone that anyone could pick up and remove at any given time. This stone weighed somewhere between 2000-4000 pounds. They put it their so the followers of Jesus would not come and take Him away. But when they got their the stone was just rolled to the side as if someone just pushed it out of the way. Now what did they see when they went into the tomb. Not Jesus, because He is alive and has walked out of that tomb. But they did see two men standing there. But they were not just ordinary men that appeared, they were angels. They asked a question, "Why do you seek the LIVING among the dead?" Luke 24:5. Then in verse 6 they tell the ladies that "He is risen." They also remind them that He spoke of this when He was in Galilee. He told them that He must go away. Jesus went away so EVERY human being had a way to the Father. Why in this world, when things are so bad do forget that He is alive and the only time we say He is alive is at Easter? Everyday we should be say He is risen! No matter what your activities are today, "Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS. Again I will say, REJOICE!" Philippians 4:4. And when tomorrow comes don't forget He is alive and He is in control. Have a Joyous Resurrection Day!

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