Ephesians 4

Dear Heavenly Father, O Father, we are sorry that through out history we have closed our eyes, closed our ears and most importantly closed our hearts. Please forgive us. But today as we study to become one, open our eyes, open our ears and most importantly open our hearts to receive you. In your Son's most holy name amen. Have you ever left the most glorious place to go to a place that was not so glorious, to save people? Most of us can say no. Another way to put it is have you left the safe haven of your home to go be with the homeless? No we can not say that we have done that. But that is what Jesus did. Verses 7-10 tells us that is exactly what he did. He left his home, to come to the earth where He knew he would die. And by the way not just die of old age but to die in the most humiliating way-crucified. Back then to hang on a cross was used only for the heinous of crimes. And that is what Jesus did for you and for me. He was crucified. So he descended, walk the earth and ascended back to his home. I don't about you but I want to be in his home. Are you ready for his home? I am ready in my mind but is my heart ready. Do I have a sold out for Jesus? I am working on it. But that is why he gave us grace. To be honest I don't like to teach but God says to teach so therefore I am teaching. Let's be united, let's dig in and learn how God wants to be. I want the joy that only He can give even in the tough times. Have a blessed day and come back tomorrow.

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