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Drinking some milk

Good Morning all. I hope each and every one had a blessed day yesterday. I have recently been asked if one believes are they saved and how can we save them? Let me start out saying that their is no human being on this planet that can save your soul, there is no human being on this planet that can forgive your sins. That only comes from Jesus Christ our Lord and God the Father. No one else can do this. What we as human beings can do for you is walk with you and pray with you and help you on your journey finding Jesus and having a relationship with him. And now to address the first question- believing in Jesus Christ is a start but it doesn't end there. Believing is just the beginning. Jesus says in John 11:25- I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die, and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this? So if we believe then that is the beginning and when you believe you want to live. He wants us to live the life he has called each of us to. You have to believe that Jesus came to this earth, lived like we do even temptation. Go and read Matthew 4:1-11. This also shows us how to combat Satan. We combat him with God's true and unchanging words. I also love when people say that the Bible is just stories but how come it has never changed but it changes many lives. So now we believe what's next, I am so glad you ask? Repentance, true repentance. Call on Jesus like He is your best friend, he is your go to person. He is your everything. Acknowledge that you have done wrong and that you don't have a relationship with him and that you want him to be in your life and show you the way to eternal salvation. I can't tell you what to pray but just pray. Ask Him to forgive you and show you what it means to live for Him. There is no secret prayer that only Christ Followers know. Anyone can pray and ask Jesus to help them and change them and can do it anywhere. When we ask for forgiveness and Jesus will forgive, we as humans do everything possible to never do what we just ask forgiveness for again. Let me put it this way, if I hit you and say I am sorry and then hit you again, you would not think that I was sorry the first time. And if I continue on hitting you, you are pretty soon going to get tired of it and walk away or knock me out. That is what forgiveness is like. We can't ask for forgiveness and continue on the same path. We have to have a heart transplant and only Jesus can do that. Now that you believe, ask for Jesus to come into your life what now? Read what he commands. Guys those first two things is just the beginning. And if you truly ask Jesus in, I can guarantee here is where the trouble starts. Satan can not let just one soul go. So if anyone tells you that living for Jesus is a walk in the park, I am here to tell you that it is not. You will lose friends, you will lose family. Living for Jesus cost. But the cost is so less than the reward. Because for me I have joy everyday and I can find peace in chaos no matter what when I am living my full potential for Jesus Christ. I would encourage you if you are just starting out then read Matthew, start at the beginning and read a few verses, a chapter so you can get a glimpse of Jesus. Then reach out, reach to people that you know live for Jesus. We are all here to help on this journey that we call life. Tomorrow we will drink a little more milk until we are ready for the steak and potatoes. And if you are already walking with Jesus, He says you need a reminder. Have a blessed day!

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