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Today as I sit behind a computer screen praying and searching for some answers, God does what God always does- HE ANSWERS! I have been praying for Christ Followers to Rise up! I have also been asking God show me the way that you want me to move and He answers. But God does not always answer the way that we think He should. He tells us through the prophet Isaiah. In Isaiah 55:8- "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways, says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts." So I don't pretend to know what He is doing, I just follow and it is all revealed as God moves in some mighty big ways. He spoke to me this morning on division. And I will say it again, God is not divided so why are we? But He directed to me Luke 11:14-23. During this we will be stopping and revealing so if the words are capitalize from this point on; know those are the words from the Bible. "AND HE WAS CASTING OUT A DEMON AND IT WAS MUTE. SO IT WAS, WHEN THE DEMON HAD GONE OUT, THAT THE MUTE SPOKE; AND THE MULTITUDE MARVELED. Now this should be enough to convince anyone that Jesus is who He says He is but oh no. BUT SOME OF THEM SAID, HE CASTS OUT DEMONS BY BEELZEBUB, THE RULER OF DEMONS. OTHERS, TESTING HIM, SOUGHT FROM HIM A SIGN FROM HEAVEN. Ok now hold up just a minute, they are comparing Jesus to Satan, really? And then others wanted another sign from heaven. Do we not do that today? I have seen all kinds of prayer for God to heal this land but what He really wants to do is heal you. We cast out all the miracles that He has done this far in this broken world we live in and we want more. Do we really not know who Jesus Christ is and what He did? I really do not think we do. Still questioning his sovereignty. BUT KNOWING THEIR THOUGHTS, SAID TO THEM; EVERY KINGDOM DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF IS BROUGHT TO DESOLATION, AND A HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST A HOUSE FALLS. He points out right there that we will fall. We are so divided in this nation it is unreal. But I do know if we would just truly seek Him, this would be a much better place. Just look over in Luke 11:9; SO I SAY TO YOU, ASK, AND IT WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU; SEEK, AND YOU WILL FIND; KNOCK, AND IT WILL BE OPENED TO YOU. What more could we ask for? But us being the gods of me, keep asking all the while still worshiping oneself and not denying ourselves and taking up our crosses. But Jesus goes on to point out that not even Satan is divided. IF SATAN ALSO IS DIVIDED AGAINST HIMSELF, HOW WILL HIS KINGDOM STAND? BECAUSE YOU SAY I CAST OUT DEMONS BY BEELZEBUB. Look around you, Satan is not divided but the Christian faith is so divided that those seeking Jesus really can't find Him. We are too busy trying to run from the virus, we are too busy putting in programs or taking them away. We fight amongst ourselves about who has it right. I think we all have it a little bit right and little bit wrong. We need to put Jesus' eyes in our heads and see the world through His filter. But back to being divided. Jesus is about to get real with these people really fast. AND IF I CAST OUT DEMONS BY BEELZEBUB, BY WHOM DO YOUR SONS CAST THEM OUT? THEREFORE THEY WILL BE YOUR JUDGES. So Jesus just threw the mic down and put it right back on them. If the Savior of the world is casting out demons by Satan then who are they worshipping? Same question goes to us. Who are we worshipping? Are we really worshipping and following Jesus Christ? Look deep into your heart and ask God. Jesus goes on to explain to them; BUT IF I CAST OUT DEMONS WITH THE FINGER OF GOD SURELY THE KINGDOM OF GOD HAS COME UPON YOU. WHEN A STRONG MAN, FULL ARMED, GUARDS HIS OWN PALACE, HIS GOODS ARE IN PEACE. BUT WHEN A STONGER THAN HE COMES UPON HIM AND OVERCOMES HIM, HE TAKES FROM HIM ALL HIS ARMOR IN WHICH HE TRUSTED AND DIVIDES HIS SPOILS. Jesus just told them that He is stronger than Satan. He has come to take what Satan thought belonged to him. My friend, that's you and me. Satan came to destroy our relationship with God and from what I can see, he is doing a pretty good job. But if we unite in Christ, Satan doesn't stand a chance. Oh, sure he will get some, but we standing on The Rock are stronger when we are not divided. Jesus says one last thing and this is all I am going to say, Jesus words here are final- HE WHO IS NOT WITH ME IS AGAINST ME, AND HE WHO DOES NOT GATHER WITH ME SCATTERS. Which side are you on? Have a blessed day and RISE UP!

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